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No.12 Drum Pendant Long Leaf


Long Leaf just got a little bit bigger!
To compliment the smaller shades in this design, here is a large 30cm or 12" diameter pendant. Perfect for small to medium sized rooms, hallways and bedrooms.
Screen printed cream leaves run around it's centre with stitched detail to outline shape and stem.
Please note the as this is for a pendant shade - if used for a table lamp, the leaves will fall downwards. Please contact me if you would like to have one made for a table lamp fitting.

The first two photos show the shade with a low energy bulb, hence a cooler light, the third with a warmer 40 watt bulb, the forth with the light off - the grey background is the translucent nature of the laminated paper (imagine reinforced white tissue paper) so you see the prints from both the inside and outside of the lampshade.

30cm wide/diameter
21cm high
max 60w bulb

Made to order please allow 5-7 days prior to delivery date.